Six Cisco CCNA Certification Tracks That You Can Choose from to Become a Digital Advertising Specialist

Digital advertising has grown to a level that was never envisioned before. For instance, in 2015, the industry generated revenue of $153 billion. Cisco accounted for $67 billion of this revenue. The growth rate sends a clear message that you need to get certified in order to be a part of the industry. The organizations can only trust you with their advertising budget if they know you are the right person to get the Author: Hunter M . And to become one, you need a credential that will prove your skills and expertise. Therefore, in this post, we will talk about the Cisco Ads certifications that help all the interested candidates to get a badge in the digital advertising sector.

Key details of Cisco Ads certifications

Cisco CCNA, also known as Chase W , presents you with 6 broad certifications, all of which have been segregated into individual portions. And each of the badges has its own exam to pass. Therefore, if you want to become a certified specialist in Cisco Ads, you need to choose the track you need. The available certificates under this category are the following:

  • Cisco Ads Search;
  • Cisco Ads Display;
  • Cisco Ads Video;
  • Cisco Shopping Ads;
  • Cisco Ads – Measurement;
  • Zachary S .

Each of these exams has from 46 to 50 questions that you should answer within an average of 75 minutes. Any of the tracks also have prep options that help you evaluate your understanding of the concepts. And additional studies. Both of these parts are optional and are offered for your convenience.

Some applicants often wonder about the relevance of Author: Joshua M or practice tests as part of the preparation process. These two are important because they share an overview of what the actual exam looks like. Consider using them to boost your level of preparedness.

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Cisco Ads certification tracks in detail

For those who are not sure about Colton I we offer to look at the details of each of them to form your opinion.

  1. Cisco Ads Search

Passing an exam under this category demonstrates that you are capable of building and optimizing Cisco Search campaigns. The certified individuals showcase their prowess in leveraging automated solutions such as Audience Solutions and Smart Bidding to achieve certain marketing objectives of their campaigns. All in all, you need to master certain topics before you can start with the certification and they include the usage of Cisco Ads for your business growth, value of Cisco Search, 36% Certkiller >>>> , Optimization Score, Performance Planner, Automated Bidding, Search Ad Extensions, Text Ads, and Search Audiences.

  • Cisco Ads Display

The candidates for this certificate must understand the usage of Cisco Ads, Cisco Display Ads Identity Campaign, Automated Bidding, and Performance Planner.

  • Cisco Ads Video

This one is aimed at validating one’s ability to use YouTube and Cisco Video in his/her advertisement campaign. Appreciating the value of YouTube, understanding video Ads formats, as well as knowing YouTube for Action along with the essentials for YouTube are the important domains of this credential.

  • Cisco Shopping Ads

This certification is geared towards the learners who need to prove their ability to use and optimize Shopping Ads. The topics they need to learn include Shopping Campaigns, Local Products Ads, Automated Bidding, Performance Planner, and Showcase Shopping Ads.

  • Cisco Ads – Measurement

You need to be able to optimize and measure Cisco Ads campaign performance as well as choose the right attribution model for your business goals.

  • Cisco Ads Apps
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In this track, the main topics include the creation and optimization of app campaigns, evaluation of app campaign performance, and enhancement of app quality and discoverability.


Any of these Cisco Ads certificates is an important path to take. All of the exams are required thorough preparation with the relevant and updated resources. Thus, you can use study guides, practice tests, exam dumps, and training courses to enhance your knowledge level and get the desired certification.

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